“Discover how our technology can increase the productivity of your customer service and deliver value to your customers at the same time.”


Customer service teams want to ensure that their customers have the best experience when they interact with them. Customers today have a “Google mentality”. Meaning that they look for an answer to their questions and almost immediately have an answer. In other words, their expectations are that they want te be serviced the same quick way as a client. The challenge is that customer services cannot be always be available 24/7 because of the high cost and inefficiency that comes with it. As a result, customer services are looking for other solutions to help customers faster.


We’ve replaced the IVR and the classic “press 1 to…” menu with a smarter version. A virtual assistant will help your customers before and after the opening hours of your customer service team or even during opening hours if waiting times are high. They can choose to schedule a callback at a time that suits both parties. This solution is automatically linked to the planning system of the customer service center, allowing the Traffic Manager to anticipate better and manage peak hours.


For Whom?

Customer Service Managers who want to improve their customer experience & staffing for both clients & team. They want to ensure that customers do not have to wait too long before they have an answer to their question. If the waiting times are high, they want to offer a good alternative in order to help the customer in the best possible way.

Marketing Managers who want to ensure that the Customer Experience that customers have in their Customer Journey is optimal when they call customer service.

Traffic Managers who want to set up their staffing as efficiently as possible so that there are enough people during peak hours and there is no excess during off-peak hours.

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